What are the compulsory insurances?

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What are the compulsory insurances? In this article, we discover together which are the compulsory insurances that you need to take out in order not to risk incurring penalties, having the necessary coverage for yourself and for third parties.

RCA (Civil Liability for Cars) – compulsory insurance for motor vehicles

The TPL is mandatory for all motor vehicles without railways, including trolley cars and trailers; otherwise, they cannot circulate on roads for public use or in similar areas.

The policy covers, in civil law and within limits indicated, the damage caused to people, including third persons transported, animals and things from road accidents. It is valid in CEE countries, while in non-EU countries (excluding Switzerland) the Green Card is also required (contract extension).

The TPL by law does not include and compensate in the following cases:

-The driver, who will eventually be compensated by the other driver’s insurance;

-Damages caused to your vehicle, which are borne by the driver (while damages caused to third parties are compensated);

-Theft and fire

The ceilings are the maximum amounts that are paid by the insurance company in the event of a claim. The ceilings have their own minimum measure and cannot be decreased below this minimum, while they can be raised at the discretion of the policyholder, paying the relative premium majority.

The premium is the sum that the insured periodically pays to their company to obtain insurance coverage.

Compulsory Insurance for Boats

Motorboats and boats with a gross tonnage not exceeding 25 tons equipped with an inboard or outboard engine with a power greater than 3 HP, cannot be placed underway unless they are covered by third party liability insurance for the damage caused to persons.

The insurance obligation does not concern liability for damage suffered by people transported, except in the case of boats used for public service.

Compulsory insurance for sports competitions and competitions

Races and sports competitions of any kind of motor vehicles and the related tests cannot be authorized, even if in closed circuits if the organizer has not taken out civil liability insurance.

The insurance must cover the liability of the organizer and others obliged for damage caused to people, animals and property, excluding damage to the participants themselves and the vehicles they use.

Compulsory accident insurance (INAIL)

Insurance against accidents and occupational diseases is mandatory for all employers who employ employees and parasubordinates in activities that the law identifies as risky. Artisans and self-employed agricultural workers are insured with INAIL.

Workers subject to the insurance obligation who contract an occupational disease are protected by INAIL even if the employer has not paid the insurance premium.

Compulsory insurance also for housewives

Since 1999 there has also been an insurance obligation for housewives between 18 and 65 years old unless they are below a certain income threshold (not exceeding € 4,648.11 and belonging to a family whose total income does not exceed 9,296.22 euros).

With a contribution of 12.91 euros, it is allowed to access a fund that covers at least serious injuries that cause disability of more than 27%.

Accidents occurring at home, including gardens, cellars, balconies are insured.

Accidents due to the presence of pets, such as dogs, cats, parrots, hamsters, rabbits, etc., which usually live in the family, are also insured.

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