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Southwest Airlines collapsed: Tens of thousands of flight cancellations were caused by IT systems in the 1990s



Last week’s super-powerful winter storm “Storm Elliott” paralyzed the U.S. civil aviation industry “once in decades” during the Christmas holiday week.

According to FlightAware, a flight information tracking tool, more than 17,000 flights were canceled across the United States from December 21 to 26. Fortunately, after the passage of the extreme cold air, all airlines have returned to more than 80% of normal near Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Only Southwest Airlines is an anomaly: the number of canceled flights has increased, and the entire airline has collapsed from five days before Christmas to three days after Christmas and is still paralyzed.

People in Silicon Valley who have been to SJC at San Jose Airport in recent days are familiar with this scene: Passengers crowded the departure hall, and the queue even lined up outside the terminal; unclaimed luggage piled up in the carousel area, and there was chaos everywhere.

At Nashville International Airport in Tennessee, Southwest Airlines even “outsourced” customer service to the police. A video uploaded on the evening of December 27 showed a police officer threatening passengers who had nowhere to go due to flight cancellations, “Southwest called us and told us to come. You don’t have a valid ticket. If you don’t leave, I will arrest you!”

The “grand occasions” at airports around the world can be said to be the fault of Southwest Airlines. According to incomplete statistics, Southwest Airlines canceled an average of 2,500 or more flights in a single day within three days, and did not resume until the weekend. According to data from the FlightAware platform, since the Christmas weekend, most of the canceled flights in the United States are Southwest Airlines; starting from the 28th, only Southwest Airlines is still canceling flights in the United States.

This isn’t the first time Southwest’s system-wide outage has resulted in flight cancellations. Southwest has experienced a similar situation in October 2021, but the degree is not as exaggerated as this time. Disappointing passengers again and again, and it’s still the Christmas holiday when everyone goes home to reunite… What happened to Southwest Airlines?

Based on the information disclosed by several people in the civil aviation industry and employees of Southwest Airlines, try to restore the reasons behind the Southwest paralysis.

The culprit: an ancient, outdated rostering system

There is no doubt that winter storm Elliott is the fuse of this great paralysis. On December 21, a historic extratropical bomb cyclone formed over North America, and both the United States and Canada issued blizzard warnings. Beginning on December 23, many major cities in North America have entered the snowstorm range. On Christmas Day from 21st to 25th, more than 10,000 flights were delayed or canceled.

However, the old crew scheduling platform of Southwest Airlines is the core reason for this major paralysis. Many civil aviation workers, including anonymous Southwest Airlines employees on the Internet, said that Southwest Airlines has been using an extremely old back-end system, especially the crew scheduling platform. The system is very old and the rules are very exaggerated.

Specifically, general airlines need to look at their real-time systems or FAA public data to know where the captain and flight attendants are. This logic is very simple, but Southwest does not do this, but uses a very outdated “preview + manual recording” system:

After Southwest schedules the flight crew, it will automatically move the location to the destination of the flight; if the flight is diverted, delayed or canceled, the Southwest system cannot automatically update the location of the crew, and it is necessary to manually confirm the flight status and then manually modify it. When heavy delays and flight cancellations are caused by snowstorms in various places, Southwest employees have to manually track and modify a lot, resulting in a serious shortage of manpower, unable to track the latest flight status and modify it in time.

The snowball got bigger and bigger, and finally there were serious information errors on the scheduling platform, none of which was accurate. The whole system is completely “failed”. For example, the flight from Los Angeles is sold out, a large number of passengers have checked in, their luggage has been collected, and the Southwest system has also arranged for the crew—and the whole crew is still thousands of miles away in New York, Dallas, and Denver. , there is only one captain on the scene, of course there is no way to fly.

Even more outrageous is yet to come.

In the company call on December 28, COO Andrew Watterson admitted the above situation, and because the information error was too serious, the system was completely unusable, so the company had to urgently notify all crew members and ask them to report their current location.

And what should be the method of return? Employees log into the system to report by themselves? Send a text message? Fill out an online form? All overrated Southwest Airlines. The so-called self-return means asking all crew members to call “one” phone number. Southwest Airlines not only cannot use the automatic scheduling platform, but also has extremely limited manual administrative capabilities. While passengers lined up at the airport to go to heaven, tens of thousands of flight crew members across the country made the same phone call to report the location, and both sides waited until the end of time.

Some employees even waited up to 23 hours for the phone to be connected, and the scheduling platform was seriously out of order, which not only made it impossible for the company to know the exact location of the employees, but even caused “derivative disasters” – the US regulatory agency FAA stipulates that civil aviation crews work for a certain period of time , you must take a forced rest before continuing to fly. Usually, the airline system can automatically count the working hours of employees, and automatically book a hotel at the current location after overtime.

However, Southwest’s backstage system was severely paralyzed. Not only could the scattered flight crew not be able to go to work, they couldn’t even stay in a hotel. If they couldn’t book a room, these employees couldn’t calculate their mandatory rest time, let alone work. According to people familiar with the matter, Southwest employees completely abandoned the company’s system in those two days, and many crew members paid for hotel bookings themselves, although they didn’t know if they would be able to reimburse them later.

In addition to the system, Southwest Airlines angered a large number of employees just a few days before the collapse, and the old and new hatreds of course exacerbated the system paralysis.

After December, the United States is facing a “tripledemic” (Tripledemic): the new crown, influenza, and RSV (respiratory fusion virus) are simultaneously pandemic. Many people are sick at home, and Southwest Airlines is not spared. The content of the company letter on December 21 was that Chris Johnson, vice president of Southwest Airlines, issued a State of Operational Emergency order at Denver Airport.

He said that too many people took sick leave and personal leave, which led to a shortage of personnel. The company had to temporarily modify the leave rules of Denver Airport employees. After taking sick leave and returning to work, a diagnosis certificate must be issued, and the doctor must be seen in person, and the remote doctor is not counted, otherwise he will be fired directly; If the approved personal leave is rejected, all employees who ask for leave will automatically return to work, and those who do not come to work on time will be directly fired; if the number of voluntary overtime workers is not enough, the company will force them to work overtime, and employees who do not work overtime will also be fired.

This letter exploded as soon as it was mailed.

Denver employees who have taken sick and personal leave simply do not come to work. It is rumored that at least 100 ground staff at Denver Airport resigned from the 21st to the 22nd. Considering that Denver is Southwest Airlines’ largest stronghold, the consequences of angering ground staff can be imagined. The most outrageous thing was this flight: the flight from Tampa to Denver had to fly back to Tampa even though it had arrived in Denver because of the Denver ground staff strike.

Restart again

The already difficult progress of resuming work was hit hard again and again, and finally all efforts were wasted. Southwest Airlines’ current plan is to cancel all flights and “restart”, because there is no other way to restart the background system except to clear it. This is why more and more Southwest Airlines flight cancellations began on the 26th, and the backlog of passengers and luggage became more and more serious. The “grand events” that Silicon Valley friends saw at SJC were just a drop in the bucket. After all, Southwest Airlines is the airport with the highest traffic in the United States, and SJC does not even rank in the top ten.

On the 26th, an anonymous user claiming to be an employee posted an explanation in the Southwest Airlines unofficial discussion forum on Reddit to let everyone know more about the extent of the collapse of Southwest Airlines and how to arrange travel next. This article has been deleted, but the original text is as follows:

  • This time of paralysis, the fuse was indeed the winter storm, but the paralysis to such an extent was entirely the fault of Southwest Airlines. If the Southwest customer service also tells you that it is because of the storm, it is a lie (actually the company’s statement).
  • The main cause of the paralysis was the complete failure of the crew scheduling software, and manual scheduling by calling did not work. “If we had better technology and didn’t have to make phone calls, this problem would have been solved a long time ago.”
  • If travelers are stranded, there are alternative transportation options – leaving the airport directly is the fastest way, so don’t hesitate.
  • Luggage can not be checked, because no one can guarantee where the luggage will appear. At present, checked luggage can be described as a disaster. If any checked luggage is lost, it may take at least a month or more to find it.
  • Don’t wait for the Southwest to recover, and don’t take chances: flights will be canceled within 3 days; within 4 to 7 days, it is “possible” to fly according to the schedule; after 7 days, it should return to normal.

Reddit netizens also helped with ideas: “Stuck at the airport and have nothing to do? Go to the luggage carousel to find unclaimed luggage. If there is a phone number on it, tell the owner where the luggage is now.”

After learning about the details of the crash, many netizens said that they don’t know much about the technology of the civil aviation industry. They never thought that airlines in the 21st century would be paralyzed by such an outdated scheduling system. What makes netizens even more angry is that Southwest outsources for the same reason again and again, and finally it is the employees who post anonymously to learn the truth.

In an interview with the US media, COO Andrew Watterson also had to admit that the company’s system is too old: “We have enough planes, but there is a problem with the scheduling software. Our technology cannot immediately and accurately match the crew and the flight.” Watterson will The backstage system of Southwest Airlines is described as a house of cards—any small problem in a small place will cause the house of cards to collapse instantly. “Just when the problem was about to be solved, a new problem occurred…we had to reset the system.”

The debacle prevented millions of people across the United States from returning home before Christmas, and it also caused embarrassment to Southwest Airlines executives. They keep saying “to solve system problems”, but the follow-up is like a “wolf is coming” story.

Casey Murray, president of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Union, said in an interview with CNN, “We have been suffering from the same problem for the past year and a half. Crashes of different sizes have become more frequent, but in fact, as long as the IT system and process are done well, it can be solved.” According to He knew that Southwest’s back office system hadn’t been changed since the 1990s.

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The Main Function of a Technology Transfer Office with Collaborative Research




what is the main function of a technology transfer office with respect to collaborative research A Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is a research organization that collaborates with multiple parties. These partnerships provide new skills and knowledge. They also allow people from different backgrounds, cultures, and traditions to collaborate on projects. Before collaborating with a TTO, you should know what you hope to accomplish. Then, the TTO can help you develop the best solutions. Many companies in the technology field also use technology transfer offices.

A technology transfer office helps scientists from different fields commercialize their research. It is a mix of administrative and business groups that help researchers and companies. That assists with patenting and copyrighting their inventions. It also helps in finding companies and other parties who may be interested in licensing their work.

The primary function of a technology transfer office is to help researchers and academic institutions transfer their research to industry and government. These offices assist in identifying market trends and providing valuable information for entrepreneurs. They also manage intellectual property issues, improve the university’s research capabilities, and facilitate joint projects with the industry. By providing these services, the technology transfer office can assist in creating new business opportunities, enhance research, and help develop the latest technologies.

The modern technology transfer office, or TTO, is responsible for marketing innovations created by a university. These professionals work with faculty members to identify modern technologies and establish collaborations to offer these innovations to the market. These offices also file licenses to protect these innovations’ copyright and the university’s intellectual property rights. By licensing discoveries, universities can remain ahead of competitors in their market.

A technology transfer office can increase a university’s research output by enhancing faculty recruitment and grant funding and providing revenue for research. Moreover, technology transfer can help institutions establish new companies and improve the success of existing ones. It can also strengthen the relationships between two organizations through partnerships and strategic alliances.

Another benefit of a technology transfer office with collaborative research is that multiple researchers from different institutions can collaborate. It increases research efficiency and leads to better solutions for problems. This way, it can help businesses grow faster. These researchers can also benefit from other researchers’ data and materials, which can be helpful in the creation of new products.

The primary function of a technology transfer office with collaboration is to help scientists commercialize their research and create jobs. The TTO assists researchers in advertising their work globally. It can also facilitate the delivery of new computer hardware to the research teams. Many corporate entities are now integrating their TTOs with their organizations.

A Technology Transfer Office helps collaborative researchers commercialize their research. They help researchers identify research that can be commercialized, develop strategies for exploiting it, and manage patents. They also help establish new companies and promote the success of existing ones. With the help of these services, a TTO can help your research reach the market and create jobs.

A Technology Transfer Office helps scientists advertise their research worldwide. They arrange for the delivery of new computer hardware to research teams, help set up e-mail accounts, and help with marketing jobs. They also facilitate researchers to commercialize their work and gain a better reputation. These offices are increasingly being integrated into corporate environments.

A Technology Transfer Office is vital to a university’s academic research program. It assists researchers in bringing their discoveries to the commercial market by identifying potential business interests and licensing them. A TTO also acts as a bridge between researchers and industry, providing resources for collaboration and funding.

CDC’s Technology Transfer Office works with researchers to create collaborative study relationships. It also manages the intellectual property of the scientific organization. This office enables the commercialization of research results by creating spinoff companies and assisting researchers in obtaining patents. The office also helps researchers with various research agreements.

Technology transfer offices seek collaborations that will enhance productivity and creativity. They seek to identify research that has the potential to solve significant problems. They also help develop new businesses and license existing products and processes. The Bayh-Dole Act, which gives universities rights to federally-funded research, is an example of such collaboration. As a result, the Bayh-Dole Act protects the intellectual property created by federal research.

In marketing a technology transfer office, you must understand how to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders. This office will serve as a conduit between university researchers and companies. Its mission will be to encourage innovation and commercialization of technology. In addition, its marketing efforts will involve working with faculty and students. It will also promote spinoffs.

The role of marketing in a technology transfer office has been debated. There is a need to enhance institutional mechanisms for technology transfer. As such, many foreign and Brazilian universities have created technology transfer offices. In this article, we will explore the role of marketing in such offices and their impact on the university.

The TTO is a business and administrative organization that assists joint scientists in commercializing their research. It supports these researchers in identifying potential commercial interests and assisting them with licensing and marketing their work. Ultimately, these companies can help create new products and services that benefit the public.

The role of a technology transfer office is vital in facilitating the dissemination of research by scientists worldwide. It also supports the researchers throughout the study process. By working with a technology transfer office, researchers can take advantage of the many benefits that come with collaborative research. For example, TTOs can help universities secure licensing and enforcement contracts for their inventions.

Collaborative research is growing in popularity. It allows researchers to collaborate with industry on new technologies, leading to breakthrough discoveries and commercial success. A technology transfer office can be the perfect solution for this process. It is a flexible approach to research and development. While it may require some planning, the TTO can help researchers achieve their goals.

Final Words:
Technology transfer offices are primarily responsible for coordinating collaborative research. Only this way, some of the most incredible inventions and historical experiments find their way into human society. Incentives are slowly materializing in university labs, where the most potential exists. Researchers’ complex works can quickly be commercialized and made available to the public by the technology transfer office. As a result, technology transfer offices are bringing the most significant change to university labs, and with that change, only positive things can be expected.

Technology transfer officers greatly facilitate academic and business collaborations. Patents and licenses can protect academics’ intellectual property rights as they communicate intellectual property rights.

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Is Jackson Mahomes Gay? What is his Sexual Orientation?




is jackson mahomes straight Despite Jackson Mahomes once mentioning himself as straight, his haters continued to call him gay in comments. We are about to explore Jackson Mahomes’ sexuality in this article and whether he is actually straight. As well as explaining why he was repeatedly bullied as gay on social media.

The following facts will help you understand the situation. In addition to his popularity on social media platforms, Jackson Mahomes has a significant following on a number of other websites as well. Lip-synching and dance videos are among his most popular videos.

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Who is Jackson Mahomes?
Jackson Mahomes is the younger brother of the popular NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He was born on 15 May 2000 in Tyler, Texas. His parents are Pat Mahomes and Randi Martin. During high school, Jackson played basketball.

Jackson opted out of college to pursue a career in social media. Since then, he has gained popularity on Twitter and Instagram. Some of his viral videos have racked up millions of views and likes. The 21-year-old has also gained popularity as a TikTok star.

Patrick and Jackson are often seen together at events. Their mother and father are both former athletes. However, they have a five-year age gap.

Jackson’s mother, Randi, is a private event coordinator at Hollytree Country Club. She is also a great mother. She has three children with an unknown man.

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Jackson Mahomes Carrer
Jackson Mahomes is a talented athlete who is a popular personality on social media sites. He is known for his quirky content. His videos feature pitchside views of football games.

Jackson is known to be a TikTok star and his videos have garnered a million viewers. Moreover, he has over one million followers on Instagram. The younger brother of Patrick Mahomes, Jackson has a net worth that is estimated to be less than $10 million in 2022.

Jackson has a love of fashion and a passion for sports. As a teenager, he was a part of the Whitehouse High School in Texas. After he turned 22 years old, he started his career as an NFL quarterback. However, he has received plenty of criticism for off-field incidents.

Jackson has also been targeted by slanderers and homophobic taunts. In December of 2021, he was subjected to a slur and was on the sidelines after the Chiefs played the Broncos.

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Jackson Mahomes Knows He Sounds Like a Gay
If you have been keeping up with social media, you have probably heard of Jackson Mahomes. He is the younger brother of Kansas Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and he is a TikTok star with over a million followers.

His social media presence has been a popular topic of discussion. For instance, he has had a few controversies, such as a video that shows him pouring water on Ravens fans after they heckled him at a game.

Jackson has also been accused of talking like a gay guy. Some fans even think he has an affair. However, he hasn’t talked about the issue publicly. It is easy to see why some people think that he is gay. One of his videos was a dancing video, but he was doing it during a timeout.

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Jackson and Patrick Mahomes’s Relationship?
Jackson Mahomes is the younger brother of NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Initially, he was a top prospect in the MLB draft. He attended Whitehouse High School in Tyler, Texas. Afterwards, he pursued a higher degree at a local college.

Jackson Mahomes became popular after he posted TikTok videos on the sidelines of his brother’s games. He has a large number of followers on social media and earns a living from his social media career.

Jackson Mahomes has been called gay many times, but he has clarified in a video that he is not. He stated that he feels insecure about his voice, and he doesn’t want people to think he is homosexual.

Patrick Mahomes and Jackson Mahomes have a good relationship. They often spend time together. Occasionally, they attend events and parties together.

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Why is Jackson Mahomes So Controversial?
Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has been stirring up the social media waves recently. His posts are often controversial, and he has been accused of being a “social media celebrity” even without doing anything wrong.

One of his more interesting posts was a TikTok video he made in FedEx Field. It showed him dancing on a stencilled “No. 21” logo. He also appeared in a State Farm Insurance commercial with his brother.

Another video he posted showed him pouring water on Ravens fans. The video was released after the Chiefs lost to the Ravens in September. That was the first loss for the Chiefs this season.

On a related note, Jackson’s fiancee Brittany Matthews has also received flack for her social media activity. She has had a difficult time recouping from a tumultuous relationship with her now husband.

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How to Get an FFL Without a Business in 2023 | Complete Guide




how to get an ffl without a business Getting an FFL is not something that can be done overnight, but there are some steps that you can take to make it a bit easier. Regardless of whether or not you have a business, it’s important to be aware of the legal requirements when it comes to purchasing a firearm.

It is widely believed that a federal firearms license cannot be obtained without a business. There have been many questions recently about applying for an FFL without having a business. An FFL does not require the creation of a business, which is completely legal, easy, and popular.

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What is FFL?
Whether you want to buy guns, sell them, or have an FFL to deal in them, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into. It’s also important to understand that an FFL isn’t a license to run a business, and you should be aware of the local and state regulations.

An FFL is a federal license that allows you to legally sell, transfer, or import firearms and ammunition. There are several types of FFL licenses, and each type of license differs from the others in the type of activities you can carry out with it.

The first type of FFL is for dealing in firearms. This type of FFL will allow you to import guns and firearm parts. This is a very popular license.

The second type of FFL is for selling firearms. This type of license is usually for individuals who are working on a gun project. It is also used for gunsmithing. The third type of FFL is for individuals who are just collecting. This type of FFL will allow you to make purchases from other individuals.

Why Do I Need an FFL?
Obtaining an FFL is not a difficult process. You just need to make sure that you meet the requirements. First, you should check the federal law on how to get an FFL. You need to check the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 27. These laws cover the rules regarding the sale of firearms, ammunition and other weapons.

The Federal Firearms License is issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to individuals or businesses that engage in business with firearms. This includes businesses that manufacture, import, and sell ammunition, as well as businesses that trade in handguns, firearms, and other types of weapons.

You can apply for an FFL online. The ATF will perform a background check. Once the background check has been completed, you can begin the application process. You can then expect to have your application approved or denied in about 60 days.

If you have any questions about the application process, you can contact an industry operations investigator (IOI) from the nearest ATF office. This person can answer your questions about FFL regulations.

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Can I Get an FFL Without a Business?
Whether you’re an individual who collects guns, or a business owner who wants to sell them, you may be wondering how to get an FFL without a storefront. The truth is that you can obtain an FFL for a business or for a hobby, but the rules vary from state to state.

An FFL is a permit issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) that allows you to legally deal with firearms. You don’t have to own a store to receive an FFL, but you do have to register your business with the state and disclose your ownership to the ATF.

Getting an FFL for a hobby is simple. It only takes 30 seconds to complete a background check. You can also do fingerprinting. It’s possible to get an FFL without a storefront, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Most Americans don’t have a company storefront, but you can still get an FFL without one. The easiest way to do this is by selling guns online. Shopify, for example, offers an online sales platform.

Can I Buy a Gun Without an FFL?
Buying a gun can be a complicated process. There are different laws that apply to each state, and they can differ depending on the type of firearm you plan to purchase. The federal government also has some caveats on purchasing firearms.

For example, you can’t buy a handgun in your own state if you don’t have a license to do so. However, you can get a long gun in your own state if you are at least 18 years old.

It’s not impossible to purchase a gun in another state, though. If you own property in two states, you may be able to purchase a firearm in one state while living in the other.

The first step is to find a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer. These businesses are regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The FFL holder can legally sell you a gun in any of the 50 states. The FFL holder will require you to pass a background check and keep records of all firearms transactions. Usually, they will charge you a small fee for handling your weapons.

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How FastBound Can Help with Your FFL
Whether you’re a gun dealer, importer or private collector, you can use FastBound to help you stay compliant. This easy-to-use software is designed to make it easier to handle all of your firearms transactions. You can process payments with ease, track inventory, and ensure that all of your forms are compliant with ATF regulations.

If you’re a gun shop or a pawn shop, you’ll need to conduct NICS background checks on customers and employees. These checks are important to ensure that you’re complying with local and federal laws. You can use FastBound to automate these checks and save a lot of time.

You can also use FastBound to verify your FFL. The application interface is simple to use, and it can provide results almost instantly. You can access it through your PC or a smart device.

With FastBound, you can store all of your FFL forms electronically. This makes it easy to keep all of your forms up to date and avoid having to waste time on paperwork. You can also store your forms in e-Format, which meets ATF’s criteria for electronic storage.

Starting A Business For Your FFL
Obtaining a Federal Firearms License (FFL) is a legal requirement if you want to sell or import guns or ammunition. You must also register your business with the state and the ATF. However, not everyone is eligible for an FFL.

To obtain the FFL you’ll need to fill out an application. The application is available online, in the mail, or at your local ATF office. You’ll also need to submit a copy of your federal tax return with your application.

You’ll also need to get your EIN from the IRS. This will let you open a checking account and finance your business. You’ll also need to find ways to accept credit cards and other financial services.

The ATF has been known to crack down on people who operate their FFL primarily for personal use. So, you may need to change your business model or incorporate it if you want to reap the benefits of the FFL.

You’ll also need to understand the different types of FFL licenses. The type you need depends on the type of gun or ammunition you’re selling or importing.

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FFL Business Requirements
Having an FFL is required if you want to sell or manufacture firearms for a profit. There are several different types of FFLs. You can buy or sell handguns, ammunition and firearms-related parts, but you cannot manufacture or import them without a federal license.

A licensed dealer must comply with all state and federal laws. For instance, a licensed gun shop must adhere to all local zoning codes that restrict the location of firearms stores. It is also necessary to find a merchant services provider that is friendly to gun sales. These companies can help you process payments for your gun sales.

An Industry Operations Investigator is available at the ATF field office to answer questions about FFL regulations. He can also give advice about state and local requirements.

In order to be approved for an FFL, you must complete an application form. Upon completion, the application is sent to the ATF’s Field Office for review. The process takes about 60 days. The area supervisor will make the decision on whether to approve the application or deny it.

Getting an FFL without a business is not for the faint of heart, but it is possible. Although you may not be able to operate a firearms retail store in your living room, you can still take advantage of the federal government’s licensing scheme. Having an FFL will certify that you are legally in possession of a firearm and allow you to obtain firearms for legal reasons. It’s also a good way to ensure your firearms are properly stored and accounted for should the need arise.

Despite its flaws, the FFL has a proven track record of ensuring the safety of the nation’s guns. In addition to a rigorous background check, ATF is able to provide a comprehensive inventory of all firearms owned by its licensees. Moreover, FFLs are only a click away with FastBound’s online application form. With the right plan in place, you can get your firearms licensed in as little as a week.

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