Insurance Coverage After Expiration

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How many days does the insurance cover last after expiry?

Insurance Coverage After Expiration. The tolerance is a maximum of 15 days after which the coverage ceases to exist and any claim or infringement committed in which insurance is required is the responsibility of the policyholder (ex, since the policy, has now expired).

These 15 days of insurance coverage after expiration practically serves against “forgetfulness”, “distractions” or against those events that do not allow the policyholder to renew the policy within the natural expiry date, obviously the companies cannot give unlimited coverage.

The post-expiry tolerance is not only useful for the insured, but also for those who can incur or suffer accidents whose culprits are these insured; it serves to protect them against possible damage suffered.

Over the years, the rules regarding insurance coverage after expiry have changed many times, but to date, after the introduction of article 170 bis in the Insurance Code, from January 1st 2013, the regulation has defined the grace period, by law, in 15 days without conditions.

Previously they were provided only in the event that the policyholder had renewed with the same insurance company, this is because with the renewal it could happen that the insured had not yet paid the premium due within the established terms even though he had renewed automatically.

With the abolition of the tacit renewal, the insurance companies turned up their noses to provide the tolerance of 15 days; this is because, not having the security of the automatic subscription of the policy, they only believed to give further protection to those who were not willing to continue the relationship. insurance was not a good idea, the Central Direction for the Traffic Police had to intervene to clarify the regulations.

This intervention also made it possible to keep the vehicle and the insured in compliance with the law, with regard to insurance coverage, also with regard to the highway code, until 2012 in the post-expiry coverage period whoever circulated, in the event of checks, was not covered and therefore subject to the envisaged penalties.

The 15 days are not only valid for annual insurance, but also for half-yearly insurances that are signed very often for the use of motor vehicles or for insurance policies that require a six-monthly payment.

The 15 days of insurance coverage after expiration do not have to be indicated in the contract with the company, they are required by law.

During the grace period, if you are stopped by the police you are in compliance with the insurance coverage, as well as all the penalties as per the Highway Code.

During the 15-day grace period, coverage in the event of accidents is guaranteed, as is protection for those who may suffer the accident.

The 15 days apply to both half-yearly and annual insurance.

There is no insurance coverage period after expiration in interim insurance.

The duration of the post-expiry coverage is 15 days, i.e. it is valid until 11:59 pm on the fifteenth day, for example, if the policy expires on May 5th, it remains valid until May 20th at 11:59 pm, from midnight more covered.

The 15-day grace period is also valid for insurance for vehicles used by new drivers.

If not specified in the contract, the 15 days of post-expiry coverage are valid only for civil liability and not for other ancillary coverage such as theft, fire, vandalism or protection towards third parties.

The post-expiry coverage is valid only in Italy, if you are abroad, you are not protected, and neither are any third parties who suffer accidents caused by you.

The days of grace are valid even if you have already sent a registered letter with the intention of not renewing the policy at the natural expiration date.

It is important always to be very careful and keep the expiration dates of the insurance policy under control, distraction and forgetfulness can lead to very important consequences in the case of claims beyond the post-expiry coverage.

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