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Hacker Alert for US Elections from Microsoft

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Hacker Alert for US Elections from Microsoft

US technology giant Microsoft, stating that there are cyberattacks against the 2020 US presidential election, claimed that hackers operating from Russia, China, and Iran targeted the election campaigns.
In a blog post written by Tom Burt, Microsoft’s vice chairman for customer security and trust, it had been acknowledged that there have been new cyberattacks against the US presidential election.

“Microsoft has detected cyber attacks in recent weeks, including unsuccessful attacks on individuals related to both Trump and Biden’s campaigns, targeting people and organizations engaged within the upcoming presidential election,” Burt said in his article.

Russian hackers attack over 200 election-linked organizations.

In the article where the small print of those cyber attacks were shared, Burt stated that hackers operating from Russia, China, and Iran targeted the election campaigns within the USA.

Burt noted that the group called “Strontium” operating from Russia administered cyber attacks on quite 200 organizations, including political campaigns, parties, and political advisors.

Burt stated that hackers operating from China target high-profile people related to the elections, including those involved within the Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s campaign, while hackers from Iran still attack the accounts of individuals linked to US President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He conveyed that.

Most attacks are stopped

Underlining that Microsoft will still defend democracy against these attacks, Burt said, “The actions we announced today clarify that foreign groups accelerate their efforts to focus on the 2020 elections, needless to say .” found the assessment.
Stating that the majority of the attacks were detected and stopped by security tools in Microsoft products, Burt said that they disclosed such attacks because they believed it had been important for the planet to understand the threats against democratic processes.

Pointing out that they need taken extra steps to guard customers involved in elections, government, and policymaking, Burt stressed that they believe more federal funding is required for states to raised protect their electoral infrastructure.

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