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Find the Best Placement to Invest. The financial investments market is full of products, all presented as attractive because of their yield. However, the added value alone is not enough to define the best investment suited to your profile. How to proceed in this case?

Go directly through the bank or through a broker

The first step in finding a suitable investment is obviously to develop your investor profile. This approach largely depends on the nature and duration of your holding as well as the support of your financial investment.

After defining your investor profile, you can directly ask your bank about the financial products it offers and which are suited to your investor profile.

A financial advisor seconded by your banking institution will certainly be able to answer this question and guide you through the bank’s investment offers. You also have the option of going through a professional broker, who will seek on your behalf the investments that best meet your investment criteria.

Go through online comparators

The generalization of online financial investments makes finding the right investment increasingly easier today. On the official websites of banks as on those of brokers, you can access a lot of information on the various financial investments available on the market.

Online comparators have the advantage of offering a detailed overview of all financial investment offers in just a few clicks. You can also run a simulation and learn about the characteristics of the investment suited to your profile. All you have to do then is select the contracts that are closest to this standard investment and initiate the necessary steps for its subscription.

Invest Place or Save the Invest Basics

Should you save or invest/invest your money to fully benefit from your products in the future? Each of its financial investment options has its pros and cons that you owe it to yourself to be aware of.

The concept of savings

Saving is about putting some of your money aside, your goal is to use it later. The notion of saving is closely linked to a willingness to give up the use of a certain amount of money now, to spend it later. The fact of giving up consumption sometimes requires changes, even sacrifices in your lifestyle, hence the notion of compensation by interest. Savings, whatever their nature, can therefore only be attractive if the remuneration it offers suits you.

Savings are also often linked to a specific objective, such as the financing of a real estate project, a retirement, or the transmission of assets. Some savings products allow you to withdraw money from your account from time to time when needed, while others do not allow these transactions. Savings, whatever their nature, offer a guaranteed minimum return known at the time of subscription.

Why should we invest?

Investment refers to the fact of committing a certain amount of money on a financial medium – such as a bond, a company share, or a portfolio of shares -, by betting to benefit from a regular income or a substantial added value. Unlike savings, investing always involves risks, which vary depending on the type of investment. Investing does not guarantee that you will get all of your money back. The main advantage of investing, however, lies in the possibility of generating profits that are significantly greater than inflation, a favor that savings do not offer.

Hello, I have been working as an investment consultant and author for more than 20 years. I love what I do and I have enriched everyone around me. A lot of money is not important, the main thing is how you use the money.

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