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Best Laptops Advantage & Disadvantages



Although there are dozens of laptop brands and hundreds of models in each of them, there are a few that stand out above the rest. But first of all, you should take a look at our article on why you should buy an Alurin brand laptop Advantages & Disadvantages. It is one of the two brands of PcComponentes laptops, which stands out for having a great value for money. The other brand is PcCom, and their PcCom Revolt laptops have a reputation for being great computers.


We couldn’t start our list of the best laptop brands with a company other than Apple. And it is that, without a doubt, the apple brand has always been the most recognized for the excellent manufacturing and performance of each of its Macbook Apple laptops . While being one of the more luxurious laptop brands has the downside of also making it one of the more expensive brands, its design, build materials, and easy-to-use interfaces are well worth it.

Our Macbook Air and Pro laptops

Apple Advantage

  • All models are high-end.
  • The speed and performance are spectacular.
  • They have the best long lasting batteries.
  • The design and construction materials are top quality.
  • The retina display offers unmatched color quality.
  • Customer service is the best.

Apple Disadvantages

  • They are not ready to play video games.
  • They have very high prices.
  • Its hardware components are not upgradeable.


In second place and as the leader in the Windows segment we find HP, formerly known as Hewlett-Packard, one of the most popular laptop brands for years. HP laptops are  especially used by high school, high school and university students  for the good value they offer. So much so that they are the perfect laptops to study or work during the day and enjoy playing or watching series in the afternoon.

HP laptops

HP Advantage

  • It has a wide catalog of laptops.
  • Wide range of prices for mid-range and high-end laptops.
  • Their high-end laptops incorporate AMOLED screens.
  • Convertibles as slim as possible.

Disadvantages of HP

  • The design is very simple in most models.
  • The most powerful models tend to weigh too much.
  • The battery can quickly deplete with heavy use.


There are no two without three and the copper of the best laptop brands goes to Lenovo. Although the brand has been losing popularity in recent years due to the appearance of other computer brands that we will see on this list, Lenovo laptops  are one of the strongest options when comparing models . Today you can find Lenovo models for whatever you need: study, work in the office or anywhere, play casually or intensely.

Lenovo laptops

Lenovo Advantages

  • Hardware components are the most durable and reliable.
  • They have specific models for low, medium and high range.
  • Large number of designs and models of different sizes.
  • Excellent customer service system.

Lenovo Disadvantages

  • Design too sober for current trends.
  • A little deficient in the graphic section compared to other brands.

Dell brand laptops

Dell Advantage

  • The resistance and reliability of laptops in the medium term is remarkable.
  • The vast majority of their laptops are fairly light.
  • All laptops feature a long battery life.

Dell Disadvantages

  • The design can be too minimalist.
  • There are few offer and discount campaigns for these laptops.

Acer laptops

Advantages of Acer

  • It has a wide range of laptops of all prices.
  • Most Acer laptops are affordable and versatile.
  • They offer high-end models for gaming.

Disadvantages of Acer

  • It is not one of the brands with the best durability of its components.
  • Warranty management can be frustrating.
  • Customer support is almost non-existent.

Asus laptops

Asus advantages

  • Very good screens and screen-to-body ratio.
  • ASUS ROG models specific for gaming.
  • Wide variety of models, including many convertibles.

Asus Disadvantages

  • Some higher-end models may be too heavy.
  • The quality of some components could be better.


If you play games a lot, you may be wondering how MSI laptops  can be so low on our list of best laptop brands. The reason is simple, it is the best gaming laptop brand , but not the best for other things. And it is that for the price and its specifications, buying an MSI for something other than playing, such as studying or working, would be a crime that we are not willing to promote.

MSI laptops

MSI Advantages

  • MSI laptops feature the best processors and graphics cards.
  • The quality of its materials and the construction of the computer is the best.
  • Unique set of sensors for the state of health of the computer.

MSI Disadvantages

  • They usually come without an operating system already installed.
  • The price is very high compared to other models.

Razer’s new laptops

Razer Advantage

  • Laptops made by gamers for gamers.
  • Great technical support.
  • State-of-the-art components and maximum power.

Razer Advantage

  • Very high price.
  • There are not too many units for sale of each model.

Microsoft Surface Laptops

Advantages of Microsoft Surface

  • State-of-the-art hardware
  • Great manufacturing reliability.
  • Great battery life.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Surface

  • Quite high price.
  • Little range of models.


We end our list of the best laptop brands with a special guest that you surely did not expect. Yes, we are talking about Samsung. And it is very possible that you have a smartphone, a television, a refrigerator and even a Samsung washing machine, so why not buy one of Samsung’s laptops ?  This is what they offer you.

Samsung Advantages:

  • Very thin and light models.
  • A decent set of specs.
  • The model range meets expectations.

Disadvantages of Samsung

  • Little journey as a brand of laptops.
  • Battery life can be improved.
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5G private network is gradually fermenting, and ODM manufacturers are grabbing card slots




5G is an indispensable weapon for the digital transformation of various industries. In recent years, major electronic assembly companies have actively deployed the 5G private network market, hoping to seize opportunities in the fields of smart manufacturing, medical care, and transportation. Although the proportion of 5G-related revenue of each company is still relatively low, there is an opportunity to grow gradually as applications continue to expand.

The characteristics of 5G are low latency, high bandwidth, and large connections. After being built as an enterprise private network, it can become a network system with a specific purpose to help enterprises carry out digital transformation, and can penetrate into application fields such as smart manufacturing, medical care, transportation, education, and entertainment. .

Major electronic assembly companies have entered the 5G market with their server and network equipment hardware manufacturing capabilities, including Quanta, Inventec, Wistron, Compal, Pegatron, etc., and have actively deployed the 5G private network market in recent years.

As for Wistron, its server factory, Wiwynn, is actively investing in the development of the edge computing market, investing in a number of open radio access network (Open RAN)-based 5G private network verification projects, cutting into the distributed units in the 5G network ( DU), central unit (CU), core network, and other edge computing applications.

Wiwynn also cooperated with Ciena, a major network equipment manufacturer, to participate in the 5G smart factory verification field project in Germany of the world’s largest telecom tower supplier; it also developed a low-latency mixed reality (Mixed- Reality) application.

As for Quanta, its server factory, Yunda, has also cooperated with a number of Taiwanese system integrators. With the QCT OmniPOD 5G enterprise private network equipped with Intel and the QCT POD HPC & AI integrated platform as the infrastructure, it has now cut into smart manufacturing, Medical, higher education, urban and entertainment applications. Including assisting Singapore University of Technology and Design to use Campus 5G to incubate commercial digital transformation, and working with German companies to expand applications in industrial transformation such as smart medical care, logistics, and production.

As early as 2018, Compal actively deployed 5G enterprise private network, and cooperated with Qualcomm in 2019 to join hands with many technology and start-up companies in Taiwan to build ASE Kaohsiung Plant as the world’s first 5G millimeter wave enterprise private network smart factory . At the same time, Compal and Qualcomm also have long-term close cooperation in the fields of 5G modules and XR applications, providing a number of 5G+AIoT wireless application products and solutions.

Compal also cooperated with the Kaohsiung City Government to enter Kaohsiung Yawan 5G AIoT Innovation Park. Previously, the 5G AIoT R&D Center was officially opened. Manufacturing, health care, cloud gaming and other four major areas.

As for Inventec, it has completed the verification of the actual field assembly line level of 5G smart factories in the first half of the year, and will provide 5G end-to-end solutions for the manufacturing industry in the future. In addition to conducting O-RAN application integration verification in the 5G field, Inventec plans to conduct more 5G O-RAN application integration verification planning solutions through the 5G open laboratory in the second half of the year, and complete the application integration from the laboratory to the field , focusing on more 5G solution applications for smart factories.

Recently, Inventec has also invited Intel, Microsoft and other partners to build 5G Next Lab to build 5G connectivity solutions for enterprises. The solution is based on Intel chips and Microsoft core network software, and can be applied to 5G public networks and private networks. network.

Inventec pointed out that the Japanese and Taiwan markets currently have relatively complete regulations on frequency spectrum, which is where future opportunities lie. As for other markets, the biggest difficulty lies in the tightness of local regulations. Therefore, the development of overseas markets still has to wait. There will only be a chance when local regulations become clearer.

Pegatron has actively developed 5G vertical integration since 2020, and continues to develop 5G technology in multiple application fields such as smart factories, transportation, and disaster relief. Previously, it also cooperated with Taiwan Microsoft and Shenbo Communications to jointly develop 5G-ORAN base stations. Pegatron’s 5G enterprise mobile private network is expected to be commercialized in 2023. The company believes that there is a great opportunity to expand in ground stations, and will continue to invest in antennas and modems (modems) to continue to expand the market.

On the whole, the current 5G O-RAN market application is still in the initial stage of introduction, and each ODM factory will focus on the field verification of its own smart factory at this stage. Gradually grow as the application continues to expand.

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The commercial use of low-orbit satellites still needs to be integrated, but the industry has its own plans




Taiwan’s industry has a lot of layout in the low-orbit satellite supply chain, from the chip end, radio frequency component end, antenna system, etc. Manufacturers capable of “docking” with satellite communication signals. However, since the application for the license was opened, the actual number of deliveries as of December 29 is not many. After all, it is because of regulatory restrictions, construction costs, and even commercial benefits. Everyone has their own plans, and Taiwan’s low-orbit satellite communication application “landing” may still have a long way to go.

The Russo-Ukraine war that broke out since February this year has highlighted the problem that in times of war, natural disasters and other extraordinary times, once the national society faces the problem of disconnection of cables and internet, communications may be interrupted, and low-orbit satellites can just act as “communication cables in the sky.” function, a key role in keeping communication systems functioning. The Taiwan government plans to set up more than 700 fixed-point or low-orbit satellite signal receiving stations with mobile functions in the next two years in all counties and cities in Taiwan, and strive to maintain domestic communications in times of natural disasters such as earthquakes or even wars. Certain ability to operate.

In terms of public use, low-orbit satellites can play the role of an alternative communication network backbone when the submarine cable is cut off, and important information including disaster prevention and rescue information, news dissemination, etc., can also be transmitted smoothly without interference when disasters occur. The location where the satellite signal receiving station is built may include existing telecommunication signal towers, or even fire trucks at mobile receiving points, etc., equipped with low-orbit satellite or medium-orbit satellite receivers, and then transmit messages through 4G/5G networks to each user’s mobile phone.

However, in addition to the “public” functions of low-orbit satellites, “commercial functions” are a must-have for all telecom manufacturers. Unfortunately, due to domestic laws and regulations restricting low-orbit satellite license applicants, overseas investors can only own a maximum of 49% of the shares, and the remaining 51% must be held by Taiwanese. , which is also at odds with the business strategies of some satellite operators. Therefore, the entire process of negotiating a commercial LEO satellite network cooperation agreement cannot be said to be very smooth.

The 4G and even 5G mobile signal coverage in the metropolitan area of ​​Taiwan is not low, and the low-orbit satellites are not only used for public emergency rescue communications, but the biggest advantage is that compared with the construction process between 4G and 5G base stations , saving the construction cost of the ground section. Therefore, if renewable energy such as solar energy can be used as the power source of the satellite signal receiving station, the flexibility of the location of the receiving station will be further improved.

From CLP’s point of view, due to its state-owned and private status, it is the “last mile” of the construction of the communication network, which is for the broadband network communication that many rural tribes lack, and the supplement for disaster prevention communication in mountainous areas. Satellite business development has a certain degree of responsibility, so it is more active in its actions and showing the openness of cooperation with overseas satellite operators. For CLP, the big brother in the telecommunications industry, satellite applications may be just an act of “fulfilling responsibility” in the initial stage.

In a joint interview with the media a few days ago, Taiwan’s general manager expressed that he continued to work hard in the process of applying for a low-orbit satellite license, but kept silent about the progress of the application, saying only that “everyone will know when the time comes.” Perhaps it also more or less means that under the conditions of high communication network coverage in Taiwan’s metropolitan area and very limited applications in rural and mountainous areas, it is not easy to find the balance between new applications of low-orbit satellites and corporate operating income. .

Observing the progress of the satellite network deployment of the current international low-orbit satellite industry, there is no doubt that the low-orbit satellite network Starlink (Starlink), which SpaceX is responsible for launching, has made the fastest progress. According to overseas media materials, Starlink is currently operating in space orbit. There are already more than 3,000 satellites, and other companies that are actively taking a share in this field include OneWeb jointly owned by the British government and India, Canada’s Telesat, and Kuiper, a low-orbit satellite company affiliated to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. But the progress is not as good as Starlink.

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Evernote adds quick insert note link, switch note and file link preview function




Recently updated to the computer version of Evernote 10.50.9, a long-awaited feature has been added. Finally, in a note, you can quickly find other notes and insert note links by searching , without having to go to other notes to copy note links Paste it again.

Although in my actual use experience (including Notion , Logseq and other tools), there are still many times when it is necessary to find and confirm the note first, then copy the link of the note, and then insert it into other notes.

But adding a quick search to directly insert a note link can still save a lot of time when inserting notes.

Further reading on linked applications:

  • How to quickly find information when you have tens of thousands of documents? Four Evernote Organization Tips
  • Evernote Organizing: The List of Contents Taxonomy Should Be Prioritized
  • Design links, reduce productivity friction, and reduce finishing time

After the PC version software is updated to Evernote 10.50.9, there are two new ways to insert note links of other notes:

  • In the “+” menu, select “Note Link”
  • Use the shortcut keys Ctrl + Alt + K (need to switch to alphanumeric mode)

Then, enter keywords in the note search engine, filter out the notes you want to insert, and click OK to insert the note link immediately.
And in the new version of Evernote, note links can display three display modes:

  • Text: Just like the previous green text link, it is the default mode.
  • Title: A green note title will be displayed, and the name will be updated according to the title of the source note.
  • Preview: In addition to the note title of the link object, there is also a graphic preview at the beginning.

These three display modes can be switched at will. In addition to simple text links, the “Title” link allows us to update the note title at any time, and the “Preview” link makes it easier to identify (highlight) important project task notes.In addition, in the new version of Evernote 10.50.9, you can set different preview modes for note links and attached files in the “Notes” setting:

  • Note link: whether to use text or title preview
  • Image: To display a preview image, or file name
  • PDF: whether to use the title of the file name, or single-page or multi-page preview
  • Google Drive files: text or title
  • YouTube Videos: To use a link title, or a preview of the live-playable video

These preview methods can also be manually switched for specific file links at any time according to different needs!

Although everyone loves to use tools such as Notion or Obsidian in recent years , I still like to use Evernote for personal notes. I only use Notion for project collaboration. This new feature is also shared with friends who are still using Evernote.

Here are a few of my favorite new Evernote features:

  • Evernote 10.15 introduces a new function of “To-Do List Management” that is most suitable for the logic of task notes!
  • Evernote automatic periodic task graphic teaching, habit formation, routine work, learning reminder
  • Start in 2022: Build your own time management portal, take my Evernote system as an example

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(Community sharing is welcome. However, please write to inquire about reprinting the full text. It is forbidden to modify the above text, and commercial use is prohibited, and it must be indicated that it is from the original author of computer toys, esor huang , and attach the original text link: Evernote adds a quick insert note link , switch notes and file link preview function )

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