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New Apple Launched on 15 September 2020. Apple held its long-awaited launch on September 15. The launch, which started with Tim Cook’s video presentation, disappointed users who had been waiting for the new iPhone series for a long time. While the Watch 6 series, Apple One subscription system, iPad and iPad Air were introduced at the launch, the introduction of the new iPhone series remained for the following months.

New Apple Launched on 15 September 2020

Some of the prominent features at launch are as follows;

New Apple Watch 6

Apple Watch 6 series, which comes with the feature of measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood, can measure the amount of oxygen in the blood in just 15 seconds with 4 new sensors. This is a very important feature, because the amount of oxygen in the blood is an important indicator in the corona virus process.
In addition, the new Apple Watch 6 calculates your hand washing time and shares it with you. Especially in this process where Covid-19 and hygiene issues are very important, these two features will be an innovation that will benefit users.
Another new feature introduced is that the new Apple Watch can share with you the most ideal hours to take photos. Red color alternative is added as color option and 20% faster S6 Processor is used in the series. The screen is 2.5 times brighter than the previous generation.
In interfaces, it is possible to use customizable memojis as clock interfaces, with which you can change their colors. The prices announced at the launch are; The Apple Watch was introduced for $ 399, and the Apple Watch SE model, which you can buy at a more affordable price, was introduced at $ 275. (S5 processor)

Apple One

Apple One, Apple’s new subscription system; It includes all subscriptions such as Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, Apple News, Apple Fitness +. It is possible to use the individual membership option of the service, which is free for 30 days, for $ 14.95.

iPad & iPad Air

iPad: The 8th generation ipad was introduced at the launch tonight of the iPad with more than 550 million sold. The iPad, which is 2 times faster than the previous generation, uses the A12 processor, which is 40% faster. The model that supports the Apple Pencil has 5 trillion processing power per second. The 10.2-inch iPad goes on sale at $ 329. The education / student version costs $ 299.

iPad Air: The new iPad Air, which comes with a 40% faster A14 bionic processor, has a resolution of 2360 x1640 and a size of 10.9 inches. The iPad Air, which comes up with the Liquid retina display feature, will use the USB-C connection.

Using Touch ID technology, iPad Air has a 40% faster power. The device, which has a 12 MP camera and the ability to shoot 4K video, will make users who want performance and speed happy with its ability to perform 11 trillion operations per second. The US price is $ 599.

New Apple Launched on 15 September 2020

What is Joint Venture? When 2 friends come together and open a book stand in a street, sell books and agree to divide the profit, they establish a business partnership.

What is Joint Venture?

It is also a partnership with companies around the world (such as Apple, BMW) whose profits, employees and investors reach billions.

In other words, the term “Joint Venture” has a very wide scope.

In the United States, Turkey has several types of Joint Venture as is. Joint Venture is established and managed by real persons. Even if they are established and managed by legal entities, there is still a real person (s) behind them. What is important here when you decide to establish a Joint Venture, what type will this be? Here, some legal and functional differences come into play. Although it requires a detailed examination, 5 main factors will affect your choice in this case.


There are Joint Venture types with different characteristics such as taxation, responsibility of partners, how to manage the business, fund-raising, exit the Joint Venture.

The most preferred company types:

As a Partnership; General Partnership(GP), Limited Partnership(LP), Limited Liability Partnership(LLP).
As a corporation; C Corporation and S Corporation.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

General Partnership (GP) : It is defined as 2 or more people jointly carrying out a business for profit. It is a partnership type based on trust. The partnership does not have a separate legal personality. Partners are also liable for the partnership’s debts with their personal assets (Unlimited Liability) The partnership is also not taxed.

( Pass-through taxation ) Partners are taxed individually. Unless the partners have agreed otherwise in the partnership agreement, each partner has the right to manage the business. The partners can appoint and authorize managing partners with the partnership agreement. Since the partnership and partners do not have different personalities, the separation phase is not easy and the partnership dissolves with the separation of a partner.

Limited Partnership (LP)

It is a joint venture in Limited Partnership like “GP”. This type of business partnership consists of the “general partner” who directly manages the business, and the passive investor, ie “limited partners” who only put capital and do not have management authority. This partnership type is a mixed / hybrid type.

Taxation is the same as in GP. Partnership is also not taxed (Pass-through taxation).

General Partners with management authority in the partnership have personal responsibilities for debts and liabilities of the company (Unlimited Liability). Limited Liability is limited to the capital that they put in the company or undertake to put the liability for company debts and liabilities. Generally, it is a type that brings together professionals who understand business and rich investors. The investor does not take more risks than he invested, and the partner who manages the business and needs funds can easily find investment and set up his business. It is difficult to leave the partnership in the same way as the GP. Leaving a partner puts the company in the process of breaking up.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

LLP is a subform of GP. In this partnership type, unlike GP, general partners have limited their personal responsibilities (Limited Liability). A completed certificate must be sent to the relevant state office. In the LLP, the liability of the partners is limited, but their responsibilities continue for the damages caused by their personal contract and personal mistakes. Corruption and individual errors are excluded from the shield of limitation of liability. Taxation is again available in person and not for partnership (Pass-Through Taxation). Breaking up with a partner is also difficult and can cause breakup. It is the type generally preferred by law firms and the medical sector. It is preferred in risky jobs.


Common features of companies; separate legal entity, limited liability of shareholders, central management, continuation of company in separation of shareholders.

C Corporation

Double taxation is applied in C corporations (Double Taxation). Shareholders are taxed both personally (during profit distribution, etc.) and on the income generated by the company. Company owners have limited liability. Company owners / shareholders elect a board of directors and have their company policies determined by the Board Of Directors. The board of directors also includes CEO, CFO, etc. throws. These officers manage and perform the day to day management of the company. So shareholders do not run the company. Profit and loss belong to the company. It is easy to break up in this type of partnership due to the separate legal entity. The shareholder can leave by transferring / selling his shares to another person. Generally, Publicly Held companies are seen as C Corporation.

S Corporation

Unlike C corporation, pass-through taxation is applied, that is, double taxation is not applied. S Corporation are generally non-public companies. (Closely Held)

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

As a liability limitation similar to Partnership in terms of taxation, this type of business partnership, which has a mixed structure that has the feature of Corporation, is briefly called LLC. In other words, while double taxation (pass-through taxation) is not applied in LLC, the partners also have limited liability (Limited Liability). In this type, the regulations regarding the Contract Law outweigh the Commercial Law regulations. In other words, the arrangements made with the contract are prioritized and it is a business partnership type that can provide a flexible management method. Most of these types of companies are closed to the public. Changes in taxation may be observed if they are open to the public. The basis of this type is the partnership agreement. Each partner has a management right in the LLC. Each partner can transfer this management right to another partner. This management right comes from the partnership agreement. It is usually set up by completing and sending a certification to the state (File AoA). It is a type that depends on the will of the parties, not strict rules as in other types. When any problem is encountered, the problem is resolved by first considering the partnership agreement (Partnership Agreement). Regarding matters not regulated by the partnership agreement, the complementary legal rules (default rules) are applied.

How to establish a General Partnership?


You do not need to fill in any documents or make a written partnership agreement to establish a GP. However, by making a written partnership agreement, you can decide how to divide profit and loss. However, it is not possible to change the unlimited liability principle applicable to GPs mentioned above with this contract and change the terms of representation.

LP & LLP –

It is established by filling out a form and sending it to the state secretary. These forms can be completed and sent online in some states. Apart from this, there is no necessary operation for the setup, but in this case, it is recommended to have a partnership agreement.


The application document called “Articles of Incorporation” is filled and given to the state secretary. The document must be signed by the founder. Articles of incorporation document must include the company name (Corporation, company, incorporated). The address of the company and the general outline of the business to be done must be specified in the document (Nature of the business).


Some states require only one installation certification, while others require the document to include an organizational chart. In addition, complementary legal rules will have to be used if business owners do not arrange an Operating Agreement while it is not a mandatory element for LLC. The preparation of the Operating Agreement helps determine the internal process because LLC’s are the Commercial Code (Uniform Commercial Code) etc. They are not regulated in detail in places, the basis of which is the contracts made by the founders, and in case of any problems, firstly the contracts between the parties will come to the agenda.

Port of Beirut: a gigantic fire a few weeks after the explosion

Port of Beirut; A gigantic fire broke out on Thursday in the port of Beirut, a few weeks after the explosion. The fire came from a warehouse where motor oil and car wheels were stored.
A gigantic fire broke out on Thursday, September 10, in a warehouse in the port of Beirut, sowing panic among Lebanese still in shock from the deadly and devastating explosion that traumatized the capital five weeks ago.

Port of Beirut

Thick columns of black smoke are visible from several quarters of the capital. The fire hit a warehouse where motor oil and car wheels are stored, the Lebanese military said in a statement.
The fire broke out in the port’s free zone, where tires and edible oils were stored by an importing company, the port’s acting director, Bassem al-Kaissi, told a local television station.

Port of Beirut, The fire “started with the cans of oil before spreading to the tires”, he added, without being able to specify the origin. It is either because of the heat or of an error, it is still too early to know it “, continued the director.
The Lebanese army’s civil defense and helicopter teams were working to put out the blaze, according to an AFP correspondent. Security forces closed the roads near the port to traffic. The head of the Lebanese Red Cross, George Kettaneh, has ruled out any risk of another explosion. He added that a few people had suffered from breathing difficulties, but no injuries were reported.


Civil defense trucks were dispatched to the site of the blaze, while the army deployed helicopters to try to put out the flames. On social media, many videos show a large fireball and thick columns of black smoke. The Arabic hashtag #PortdeBeyrouth is among the most used on Twitter.
“Mad fire at the port, causing panic throughout Beirut. We cannot have a break,” Human Rights Watch (HRW) researcher Aya Majzoub lamented on Twitter.
On August 4, a gigantic explosion at the port, triggered by a fire, devastated entire areas of the capital, killing at least 190 people and over 6,500 others.

Emmanuel Macron in Corsica to meet elected officials before Mediterranean Summit

Mediterranean Summit ; “Corsica has an identity of its own. It is Corsican, French, European and Mediterranean. That’s the strength! I am very happy to see her again, “tweeted Emmanuel Macron shortly after arriving for his third visit to the Isle of Beauty since the start of his five-year term.
After having crossed part of the old center of Ajaccio on foot, the Head of State presided over a ceremony to mark the 77th anniversary of the Liberation of Corsica, in 1943. He was then expected at the prefecture for a “dinner republican ”to which some twenty elected officials were invited, including the nationalists Jean-Guy Talamoni, president of the Corsican.Assembly, and Gilles Simeoni, who heads the Executive Council of Corsica.

Mediterranean Summit

Paris persists in treating the Corsican question with arrogance

“My absolute priority is to alert the president to the gravity of the economic and social situation in Corsica” announced Gilles Simeoni before dinner. “I am willing to open a substantive dialogue, aimed at creating the conditions for a comprehensive political solution” added the president of the executive, who is also due to meet with Emmanuel Macron on Thursday morning, according to his entourage.
For his part, Jean-Guy Talamoni criticized the organization of the visit and the holding of the dinner: “Given the political and social situation in Corsica, this worldly framework seems to me, at least, unsuitable for opening a serious debate.” “Paris insists on treating the Corsican question with arrogance and “lowering the nationalist elected officials,” he denounced.

Four ministers with the President

Also invited to dinner were the four deputies from the island, three of whom are nationalists, the two senators as well as the mayors of Ajaccio and Bastia. The various nationalist formations have emerged strengthened from the last polls, including the municipal ones, and are preparing for the territorial elections of March 2021.
Accompanied by four members of the government – Jacqueline Gourault (Territorial cohesion), Gérald Darmanin (Interior), Marlène Schiappa (Citizenship) and Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne (Tourism) – Emmanuel Macron will provide an update Thursday morning on the progress of the project program for Corsica (economic development, water, waste, etc.). Then he will go to Bonifacio to meet tourism officials.

Seventh summit of Med7

At the end of the afternoon, Emmanuel Macron will participate in Porticcio, near Ajaccio, in the seventh summit of Med7, an informal forum of southern EU countries, with the Italian leaders Giuseppe Conte, Spanish Pedro Sanchez, Greek Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Portuguese Antonio Costa, Cypriot Nikos Anastasiades and Maltese Robert Abela. They will discuss in particular the tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean between Turkey and Greece.

Tensions in the Mediterranean; The Merkel government has been trying to re-establish dialogue between Ankara and several countries of the European Union since the end of August, when numerous military and diplomatic tensions have arisen this summer. But this choice to play the mediator instead of fully supporting its European partners raises questions.

During the recent tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, voices were raised in France to criticize the government of Angela Merkel for calling for dialogue with Turkey, as opposed to Paris which was showing its muscles at the same time.
Berlin has offered to play the role of mediator to ease tensions with a partner important to its economy and for its ability to avert a further surge in immigration to Europe.
What is happening in the Eastern Mediterranean?
Greece and Cyprus are at the forefront of Turkey, which is saying the correct to use hydrocarbon deposits in a very maritime area that Athens considers to be under its sovereignty. In recent weeks, these countries have shown their muscles through martial declarations, military maneuvers and shipments to areas.
Facing Turkey, France has clearly shown its support for Greece by deploying warships and fighter jets within the region, an initiative strongly denounced by Turkish President Erdogan, already very upset against Paris on the Libyan question.

Tensions in the Mediterranean

What was Berlin’s reaction?

Unlike France, which immediately showed diplomatic and military support for Greece and Cyprus, Germany remained in the background. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas urged Greeks and Turks for dialogue during his official visits to Athens and Ankara at the end of August. During her trip to Turkey, Heiko Maas called for a sincere and direct dialogue between Turkey and Greece and offered Germany’s support for any attempt at mediation.
As part of its rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Berlin has also put the Turkish question on the agenda of the European Council on 24-25 September. France is determined to defend the interests of the European Union and express our solidarity with Greece and Cyprus. Turkey must renounce unilateral actions, declared the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, on August 28, for whom a gesture of calm by the Turkish clan is a basic condition to allow a dialogue to take place. In the absence of progress, Josep Borrell warns that the EU could draw up a list of new restrictive measures.

Why does Germany seem to be in retreat?

For Sylvain Maillard, director of the Jacques-Delors – Notre Europe Institute, Germany indeed seems more assertive on other issues, such as Russia and China. Part of the reason, he says, is his role as a rotating presidency that forces Berlin to speak for the European Union and that the German government needs to synthesize in the role of good offices. A position that could change with the next summit where the Europeans could take a clear line and take sanctions against Ankara. But if Berlin is not necessarily comfortable on this issue, which is treats for the moment as if it were a problem between Greece and Cyprus on the one hand with their Turkish neighbour on the other. , this can also be explained by the presence of a strong Turkish community across the Rhine. Angela Merkel’s government certainly doesn’t want to blow too much on the embers so as not to have a problem on German territory afterwards, explains Sylvain Maillard. The director of the Jacques-Delors Institute also recalls Turkey’s special status vis-à-vis the European Union. In addition to being a candidate for membership (even if this is postponed indefinitely), the country could choose as a retaliatory measure to reopen its borders to refugees, especially Syrians, by denouncing the agreement reached in 2016 with the European Union. According to Sylvain Maillard, Germany would then be one of the preferred destinations for them, due to the large number of refugees hosted across the Rhine at the time of the 2015 migration crisis.

What weight does Turkey represent in Germany?

The number of Turks in Germany is very important since the convention on the recruitment of labor signed on October 30, 1961 in Bad Godesberg during the Wirtschaftswunder. The Turkish population across the Rhine is estimated at around four million people and while it is considered that there are over one million people of German origin in Turkey. This explains why questions related to Turkey often take an important place in the debate. Thus, during the German parliamentary elections in September 2017, Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked people of Turkish origin not to vote, which had deeply divided the community.
After the refugee crisis in 2015, Angela Merkel negotiated directly with Erdogan in 2016, bypassing her European partners so that Turkey would prevent new Syrian refugees from coming to Europe.
Diplomatic relations between Germany and Turkey are therefore complicated but regular. The economic weight also explains why Berlin always seeks to be in dialogue with its Turkish partner. In 2018, Turkey’s exports to Germany were worth 13.5 billion euros while German imports were worth more than 17 billion euros.

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